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 How to Change a Bearing

  1. Jack Trailer up, so wheel is off the ground.
  2. Remove wheel, dust cap, split pin, nut and washer.
  3. Remove hub from axle.
  4. Knock out seal and large bearing from hub.
  5. Knock or press out the cones that are in the hub.
  6. Replace cones with new ones into hub until they sit on shoulder.
  7. Pack new bearings with suitable grease, ensuring grease is into the rollers.
  8. Place hub back onto axle with washer and nut.
  9. Adjust nut until tight, back off just enough to get split pin into the nearest hole in axle.
  10. Hub should spin freely, ensure there is no movement forward or backward.
  11. Ensure split pin is bent around the axle nut to prevent the nut coming loose.
  12. Replace dust cap and wheel.